Intelligent Master Controller

XGOAL IMS scanners work with the IMS server application software and IMS patch panels to co-ordinate work order management, provide LED patch guidance, and to sense and convey the status of connectivity at work area outlets to the IMS server. Each 1U scanner can be connected to up to 48 patch panels providing monitoring of up to 576 separate physical channels in a single cross-connect zone or 1152 channels in an interconnect zone. An unlimited number of scanners can be administered by the IMS server in a single site. Standard RJ45 patch cords are used as the communication bus connection between scanners and patch cords.

In the event that the IMS application cannot communicate with a scanner, the scanner records transactions in a queue for later delivery to the IMS software. Scanners recover from power outages without requiring reconfiguration. IMS scanners consume little power, which can be critical in power-hungry environments such as Data Centers.

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