Cat.5E Shielded Patch Cord

The application-neutral Class D patch cords have four stranded pairs sheathed with a foil shield (F/UTP) and additional with a braid shield (SF/UTP). They are assembled with a shielded RJ45 connector on each end.

Cat.5e Shielded Patch Cords are key components of the Cat.5e shielded end-to-end solution. Cat. 5e Patch Cords are designed to support high speed networks. The patch cable is made from high quality four pair 26 AWG stranded copper wire. Available in a range of colors and lengths, Cat.5e patch cords are pre-terminated with RJ45 plugs and feature anti-snag slim strain relief slip on Boots.


Cat.5e Patch Cords can be used to deliver a full end-to-end Class D solution. They provide improved data throughput and allow for the inclusion of a cross connect or Consolidation Points for maximum system flexibility. They will also maximize the lifetime and long term performance of the system by minimizing the risk of wear & tear damage which can be caused by using non-matched cords. .Cat.5e Cords feature a slim over-moulded boot which is kept inside the RJ45 boundaries to enable High Density Patching with 48 cords in 1 height unit. They also come with a Retrofit Latch Protector, which can be used for colour coding of different services.



-Slim plug and boot design provide additional space between adjacent plugs

-Supports to 155Mb/s

-Individually tested up to 150MHz

-Meets or exceeds Category 5e performance standards

-4-Pair stranded Unshielded 24 AWG conductors

-Non-plenum (CM rated)

-Universal wiring (T568A/T568B)

-Lead-Free (no heavy metals)

-Six color-coded keyed designs limit improper connections in segregated networks

-Universal wiring (T568A/T568B)

-Shielded and unshielded cable assemblies

Mechanical characteristics:

Operating Temp.Range:                                          -20°C ~ +75°C

Max.Recommended Pulling Tension:                      110N

Min. Bend Radius (install):                                       4 x O.D.

Flame Test:                                                              CMX, CM, CMG, CMR. IEC60332-1


Electrical characteristics:

Nom. Mutual Capacitance @ 1KHz:                         ≤5.6 nF/100m (@ 1KHz)

Max. Capacitance Unbalance (pF/100m):                ≤330 pF/100m

Nominal Velocity of Propagation:                             65%

Max. Delay Skew (ns/100m):                                   45 ns/100m

Max. Conductor DC Resistance @ 20 Deg.C:         8.76Ω/100m

Max. DC Resistance Unbalance @ 20 Deg.C:        ≤5%

Max. Insulation Resistance ( MΩ/km):                     5000

Max.Operating Voltage-UL:                                     300V all rights reserved

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