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In today’s world of high speed connectivity the importance of 100% availability of IT services is business critical. The introduction of best practice standards for IT Service Management has set the benchmark as IT global standard for IT Service Management.

At the core of an IT Service Management framework are the configuration, change and incident management processes.  The accuracy and quality of the information contained within the main configuration in ensuring the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of all associated IT Service Management processes.

Traditionally, configuration management is one of the most difficult disciplines to implement due to the manual effort needed to maintain accurate records of the constant changes to the IT infrastructure. The management of changes is also highly critical, as service delivery managers must know the exact implications of carrying out any changes before they take place.

Creating such systems and processes based upon a traditionally managed cabling infrastructure is an almost impossible task.  The XGOAL Intelligent Infrastructure Solution, XPatch , a highly advanced overlay system allows network managers the opportunity to have real time visibility of network connectivity and utilisation. The system provides simple and controlled management and recording of common network changes such as those forced by office moves and terminal additions.  XPatch also gives multi-site businesses the tools to effectively monitor and manage all sites from a central location.


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