Fiber Cabling Systems

The XGOAL optical fiber Solutions Indoor/Outdoor Fibre Optic Cable is easy to Install and handle. The range includes multimode backbone cable containing 50/125 μm OM2, OM3 or OM4, 62,5/125 μm OM1 and singlemode 9/125 μm OS2 fibre. The primary application of the cable is for indoor and outdoor installation into cable trays or ducts as LAN cabling. All cable jackets are LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) rated to fulfil the safety requirements for internal cabling. All cable variants have good resistance against water. The cable core is water blocked using a combination of swellable tape and gel filling inside the tubes. All cables can be installed where there is a risk of having water filled ducts. Cable is reinforced with glass yarn to give light protection against rodents. Indoor/Outdoor Cable is available in fiber counts ranging from 2-144 fibers.

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