Cat.6A Unshielded Patch Cord

Cat.6A unshielded Patch Cords are key components of the Cat.6A unshielded end-to-end solution. Cat.6A Patch Cords are designed to support high speed 10GBASE-T networks and are backward compatible with 10/100/1000BASE-T networks. The patch cable is made from high quality four pair 26 AWG stranded copper wire. Available in a range of colors and lengths, Cat.6A patch cords are preterminated with RJ45 plugs and feature anti-snag slim strain relief slip on boots.

Cat.6A system provides your customers with a future proof, reliable network that will give them peace of mind for years to come. offering a comprehensive range of RJ45 Cat.6A module, Cat 6A twisted pair copper cables, RJ45 patch panels, Cat 6A patch cables and a complete range of UK and Euro style faceplates. Our Category 6a system is fully backward compatible with Cat.6 and Cat.5e.


Ideal in mission critical installations



Data Centres

EEE 802.3 10G BASE-T



-4 pair 26 AWG stranded copper wire

-Slim clear anti-snag slip on boots

-Suitable for EIA 568A or 568B wiring

-PVC sheath

-10G Performance when installed as a complete PowerCat 6A Shielded System

-RoHS Compliant

Mechanical characteristics:

Operating Temp.Range:                                          -20°C ~ +75°C

Max.Recommended Pulling Tension:                      110N

Min. Bend Radius (install):                                       4 x O.D.

Flame Test:                                                              CMX, CM, CMG, CMR. IEC60332-1


Electrical characteristics:

Nom. Mutual Capacitance @ 1KHz:                         ≤5.6 nF/100m (@ 1KHz)

Max. Capacitance Unbalance (pF/100m):                ≤330 pF/100m

Nominal Velocity of Propagation:                             65%

Max. Delay Skew (ns/100m):                                   45 ns/100m

Max. Conductor DC Resistance @ 20 Deg.C:         8.76Ω/100m

Max. DC Resistance Unbalance @ 20 Deg.C:        ≤5%

Max. Insulation Resistance ( MΩ/km):                     5000

Max.Operating Voltage-UL:                                     300V all rights reserved

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