Data Center

Data centres are at the core of corporate and internet businesses and range in size from small rooms to purpose built campuses with split halls supporting global corporations. Secure, robust and reliable, data centres provide a stable environment to host equipment and to minimise downtime. Whether government or private run, they all have similar demands - instant access to current and accurate data 24/7, on demand and without disruption, 365 days a year.

The increasing volume of data held and increasing demand to access this data requires data centres to choose a scaleable and flexible high speed design and IT infrastructure to optimise performance and improve return on investment.

Ultimate service reliability is essential as downtime costs money. The reliability of a data centre is second only to the security and integrity of information held and processed there. The uptime of the data centre is assured by the performance and quality of its critical parts, not least the cabling infrastructure, which provides a transportation path for the reliable transmission of data, flexibility to support moves, adds and changes (MAC’s) and future proofing.

In the data centre environment a well designed cabling system provides a reliable foundation for the IT network, improves operational efficiency, future proofs against change and growth and provides facility stakeholders with a competitive advantage to support their business.


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