Cabling Cabinet

The High Density cabling cabinet offers the ultimate solution for management of crossconnect cabling in datacentres and telecomsrooms. The cabinet offers the ability to create a preferred enclosure design configuration that fits the needs of today’s working environment.To tailor a solution to your requirements simply

19’’ server cabinets and wall mount cabinets meet the international standards ANSI /EIARS-310-C19, ANSI /EIARS-310-D, IEC297-3, IEC 529 and DIN 40050.

server cabinets are available in standard 19” , 600 × 1000, 800 × 1000 sizes, but not limit in this two options of size. The complete cabinet is made by excellent steels available to afford maximum 800kg static loading.


Cost-effective cabinet solution for server, network and mixed-use applications in data centers, computer rooms and equipment rooms




-Easy access to cables and equipment with removable doors and side panels

-Perforated front and rear doors for optimal airflow

-Locking side panels and doors for equipment security

-Up to 3000 lb (1360 kg) static load rating to support high-density applications and multiple blade servers 

-Powder coated to protect against rust, oxidization, scratches, lacquer peeling, strong acid and alkali erosion .

-Flexible vertical rail ‘s thickness must up to 2mm.

-Sized to match industry standards

-Rack's side panel can be easily assembled and disassembled from the outside without using any tools .

-Supports 19” rack-mount equipment designed for two-post panel mounting like patch panels and network switches or use with   shelves to support computer servers.

-Integrated vertical cable management

-Compliant with the specifications ANSI/EIA RS-310-DIEC297-2DIN41494: Part1DIN41494:Part7ETSI standard . 

Material:                       SPCC cold rolled steel
Degree of protection :  IP20
Surface finish :             Degreasing, phosphoric, powder coated
Loading capacity:         800 KGS
Material thickness :       Mounting profile: 2.0mm
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