Cat.6A Unshielded Module

?XGOAL 180° Cat. 6A shielded Die-casting Keystone Jack is our new upgrade design, to fully achieve the component standard ISO/IEC 11801 AMD: 2 which is released in 2010. Extra 30% permanent link headroom margin guaranteed compare to traditional Cat.6A products and links, and it’ s also the best choice to support IEEE 802.3an 10G applications.


- Fully compatible with all modular speednet systems

- Quick and easy to install

- No special tools required

- IDC connection (IDC = Insulation Displacement Contacts)

- De-embedded tested according to IEC 60603-7-5 (2003) Cat.6 and class EA

- Wide range of installation options

- Compact design, only 3 individual components

- High-level component density

- Cable strain relief without cable tie

- Halogen-free

- Flame retardant, fire Class UL94 V-0

Electrical characteristics:

Coupling Attenuation:                    ≥ 75dB-20log(f/100) dB at 100 MHz to 1000 MHz

Transfer Impedance:                     ≤ 200 mΩ at 10 MHz

Ampacity:                                      1250 mA

Input to output DC Resistance:     ≤ 200 mΩ

Electric strength DC:                     > 1000 V DC/AC peak 

Insulation Resistance:                   ≥ 500 mΩ (DC)


Mechanical Characteristics:     

Durability of RJ45 Jack:                 ≥ 750

IDC Contacts:                                Suitable for AWG 24-22 solid wires

Reproducibility:                              Several times reusable all rights reserved

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