Pre-Terminated Copper Trunking Cable

XGOAL Pre-Term Bundles are assemblies of 6,12 or 24 pre-terminated units. These can be Jack-Jack, Jack-Plug or Plug-Plug units.  These units are over sheathed by a black braid which maintains the cables in their position and facilitates easy installation at the same time. XGOAL Pre-Term Bundles are well suited for areas where installation time is limited. Bundles of shielded units ensure immunity from Alien Crosstalk and other external interference. Bundles of shielded units do not requied on-site testing for Alien Crosstalk since this new parameter is met by design.


XGOAL Pre-Term Bundles help reducing the installation time. One assembly needs to be layed instead of 6, 12 or 24 single cables. Furtermore connectors termination is simply eliminated. Connectors are mounted and tested in our factory.

XGOAL Pre-Term Bundles are designed to be layed and are not suitable for pulling.

All structural hardware items designed for the Snap-In range can be used in all positions of a 4 connector twisted pair cabling channel (PP, CC, CP, TO).

- Fast and straight forward installation

- No need for on-site termination

- Reduction of installation time

- 360° EMC protection and alien crosstalk compliance for shielded products

- Support the 4 connectors channel configuration

- Numbering on each leg (customizable)

- Factory tests in paper or electronic format on request


- Ideal assemblies for high density cabling and datacenters

- Bundles available for Jack-Jack or Jack-Plug or Plug-Plug units

- Bundles available for 6,12 or 24 units

- Cat.6, 6A, 7 or 7A perfomance supported

- Fully screened and compliant to Alien Crosstalk requirements

- Repeatable and stable level of performance

- Individual units are helically assembled together to form a round and stable bundle

- Bundles are suitable for laying but not pulling operation 


Cat.6/Class E, Cat.6A/Class EA, Cat.7/Class F or Cat.7A/Class FA units can be bundled. Headroom and bandwidth over and above the given category requirements according to the international, European and american standards especially for NEXT/FEXT, Power Sum NEXT/FEXT and Return Loss are guaranteed. When used in combination with XGOAL patch cords of the same category the full 100m four-connector links and channels are guaranteed as well.

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