Cat.6 S/FTP Cable

The SpeedNet U/FTP 250 AWG23 cable is designed for applications up to 350 MHz and its transmission characteristics exceed Category 6 specifications according to EN 50288-5-1, IEC 61156-5 and TIA/EIA 568. High system margins for the complete link according to ISO/IEC 11801 Ed. 2.2 (2011) and EN 50173 (Series) will be achieved by using corresponding hardware together with this copper data cable. Due to the very low delay skew between the pairs these FutureCom cables are especially suitable for Gigabit Ethernet. The cable has a streamlined construction and low weight. Each pair is individually foil shielded, which guarantees outstanding shielding characteristics. The cable satisfies Class B interference radiation standards according to EN 55022, as well as immunity according to EN 55024, which enables the realisation of CE-compatible networks

XGOAL Category 6 FTP  cable is a high performing, 4 pair, 350 MHz cable compliant to Category 6 TIA/EIA 568 , ISO 11801 and EN 50173 Class E standards. The cable is suitable for installations where alien cross talk is present and is best used as part of the 3M Cat 6 FTP system which offers a range of jacks, patch panels, patch cords and face plates. The Cat 6 FTP cable has an integral cross separator structure to enhance long term performance and reduce crushing risk at cable anchorage points. The cable is easy to install with sheath length marking providing convenient clearly identifiable cable and link lengths.


-Category 6 compliant

-Good immunity against alien cross talk

-Excellent electrical performance tested to 350 MHz providing good headroom over Category 6 performance

-Installer friendly length markings on cable sheath

-Solutions for all levels of fire protection

-Low smoke zero halogen (LSOH) and PVC versions available

-Independent 3rd party certification

-25 Year system warranty available*

Mechanical characteristics:

Operating temp. range:                                   -20°C ~ +75°C

Bulk cable weight (KG):                                  40 kg/km

Max. recommended pulling tension:               110 N

Min. bend radius (install):                                8 O.D.

Electrical characteristics:

Nom. mutual capacitance:                              ≤5.6 nF/100m (@ 1KHz)

Max. capacitance unbalance:                         ≤330 pF/100m

Nominal velocity of propagation:                    65%

Max. delay skew:                                            45 ns/100m

Max. conductor DC resistance:                      73.2 Ω/km (@ 20 °C)

Max. conductor resistance unbalance:           ≤5% (@ 20 °C)

Min. insulation resistance:                              5000 MΩ·km

Max. operating voltage - UL:                          300 V all rights reserved

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