Armored Indoor/Outdoor optical Cable

The Indoor/Outdoor Armoured Fibre Optic Cable (4,6,8,12,24,48 Fibres) minimises weight and eases cable installation. The Fibre cable range includes multimode backbone cable containing 50/125 μm OM2, OM3 or OM4, 62,5/125 μm OM1 and singlemode 9/125 μm OS2 fibre.

The armored loose tube fiber cable can be used in any of the following installation environments: indoor/outdoor, in backbones, between closets and in fiber to the desk. Lightband Armor LT is a viable and cost effective solution for applications where a pathway is beyond its full ratio, for areas where extra physical security is a concern, in fast track installations, between buildings, direct buried, or in trays.


Local area networks

Campus networks

Data centers

Industrial networks

Telephone networks


-Suitable for in-building and inter-building backbone cabling

-Can eliminate the need for a transition point and splicing when entering buildings-go directly from  outdoors into building riser -or plenum spaces

-Water-blocked buffer tube for water penetration protection

-Flame-retardant UV-protected jacket for harsh outdoor environments

-All-dielectric construction

-UL and cUL listed OFNR (Riser) or OFNP (Plenum)

-Outer Jacket Color is Black for all Fiber Types

-Hybrid cables and other jacket colors are available

-Reverse oscillating lay construction for easy midspan access

-Dry water blocking technology

-TIA color-coded fibers in TIA color-coded tubes for easy identification

ITU-T G652.B OS1

ITU-T G652.D OS2

ITU-T G651.1 OM1 OM2 OM3 OM4

IEC60793-2-10 type A1a.1/A1b OM1/OM2

IEC60793-2-10  type A1a.2 OM3

IEC60793-2-10 type A1a.3 OM4

ISO/IEC 11801 , ISO/IEC 24702

IEEE 802.3z Gigabit Ethernet

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