Central Loose Tube Armoured Outdoor Optical Cable

These cables are constructed with a central tube filled with water blocking jelly giving it excellent water and moisture resistance. Two corrugated steel armouring and two steel wires strengthening with in the inner PE sheath and an outer PE sheath give this cable excellent tensile strength, mechanical and environmental protection.

They have small diameter, light weight and installation friendly since they come in a single tube with loose tube fibre count up to 12 fibres. Their compact construction protects the loose tube from shrinking,the double armour makes it crush, rodent and impact resistance, the outer PE sheath gives it ultraviolet protection.

This cable is suitable for outdoor distribution through ducts, conduits or aerial pipe lines. They come in larger delivery length, so can also be used in long distance communication system, service drop cables,building interconnections.


Local area networks

Campus networks

Data centers

Industrial networks

Telephone networks


-Suitable for in-building and inter-building backbone cabling

-Can eliminate the need for a transition point and splicing when entering buildings-go directly from  outdoors into building riser -or plenum spaces

-Water-blocked buffer tube for water penetration protection

-Flame-retardant UV-protected jacket for harsh outdoor environments

-All-dielectric construction

-UL and cUL listed OFNR (Riser) or OFNP (Plenum)

-Outer Jacket Color is Black for all Fiber Types

-Hybrid cables and other jacket colors are available

-Reverse oscillating lay construction for easy midspan access

-Dry water blocking technology

-TIA color-coded fibers in TIA color-coded tubes for easy identification

ITU-T G652.B OS1

ITU-T G652.D OS2

ITU-T G651.1 OM1 OM2 OM3 OM4

IEC60793-2-10 type A1a.1/A1b OM1/OM2

IEC60793-2-10  type A1a.2 OM3

IEC60793-2-10 type A1a.3 OM4

ISO/IEC 11801 , ISO/IEC 24702

IEEE 802.3z Gigabit Ethernet


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