Cat.6 Unshielded Module

With its compact size, integral shutter and tool-less termination, the Cat6 RJ45 module ensures a smart, reliable and easy installation. Available in UTP, FTP and STP options. All 8 copper conductors are effortlessly terminated in one simple operation resulting in reliable interconnection in record time.

The Cat.6 Connector has been designed to reach the highest performance in Cat 6 and Class E. It has outstanding performance for attenuation (insertion loss), NEXT/FEXT, Power Sum NEXT/FEXT and Return Loss, exceeding the Cat 6 connector specs as in ISO/IEC 11801:2002. The unique cross-technology in the connector ensures the high performance of the link. Used with XGOAL cat.6 cables and patch cords, the connector is independently tested to exceed the link and stringent four-connector channel requirements as defined in the ISO/IEC 11801:2002.


Cat.6 Connector is part of the XGOAL modular system and fits in all structural hardware designed for this range. As such it supports all data applications defined for Cat 5, Cat 5e and Cat 6, such as 10baseT, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 155 ATM, 622 ATM, 1.2 ATM…

10baseT Ethernet

100baseTX Fast Ethernet

1000baseTX Gigabit Ethernet

155 MBit ATM

622 MBit ATM

1.2 Gbit ATM

Future class E applications



-Available in eleven colors for easy port identification

-Tool- less jack for quick and easy installation

-Thin profile improves outlet density

-Modular Jacks available with integral dust covers

-May be used in straight or angled faceplate modules

-180°or 90°cable dress for easy termination

-Universal wiring label permits wiring to T568A or T568B

-Meets or exceeds all TIA and ISO component performance requirements

-Bend-limiting strain relief included with unshielded jacks

-8-Position RJ45 Modular Jacks for 1, 2, 3 and 4-Pair applications

-Fast and easy termination without punch down tool.

-Accepts 24, 23 and 22 AWG solid core cables.

-Fits in XGOAL structural hardware

Mechanical characteristics:

Conductor Gauge, solid:                                  22-26 AWG         

Conductor Type:                                              Solid | Stranded (7 strands)

Material Type:                                                  Copper alloy | High-impact, flame retardant, thermoplastic

Outlet/Module Contact Plating:                         recious metals

Plug Insertion Life Test Plug:                           IEC 60603-7 compliant plug

Plug Insertion Life, minimum:                           50 times

Plug Retention Force, minimum:                      30 lbf | 133 N

Rear Termination Contact Plating:                   Precious metals

Rear Termination Type:                                    IDC


Electrical characteristics:

Contact Resistance Variation, maximum:        20 mOhm

Contact Resistance, maximum:                       100 mOhm

Current Rating:                                                 1.5 A@ 20°C

Dielectric Withstand Voltage, RMS, conductive surface:1500 Vac@ 60Hz

Dielectric Withstand Voltage, RMS, conduct-to-contact:1000 Vac@ 60Hz

Insulation Resistance, minimum:                     500 MOhm all rights reserved

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